Dalmagic “B” litter

10 April 2014

My precious Brandy today gave birth to ten lovely babies (5 girls 5 boys without patching) but unfortunately two of our girls went to a better place. Goodbye two wonderful little spots. The other eight are healthy, strong and beautiful small white angels. I can not describe my joy. Thanks a lot to the vet Ekatеrina Simeonova and Mladen Yordanov, for help and great support, thanks a lot to Vesselin (my boyfriend), so it is always with me. Thank you for the most wonderful feeling in the world. Тhe babies was born in 27.03.2014.
Dalmagic Ace of Cake is a champion of 8 countries and a mother of our B litter For a dad we choose still young Just Coffee Amaranth Like a Magic,who although has proven to be a champion has excellent results from international dog shows. What led us to meet in a parental couple just these two dogs ? Brandy and Amaranth have wonderful heads - very properly formed and proportional . Both have long elegant necks , level topline , well angulated front and hind legs - scars that want to consolidate in the offspring . In this regard, we aim to achieve in the offspring greater bone density and better expressed forbrust ( forechest ) . We hope to achieve this thanks to the great ancestors of Brandy and Amaranth which involve genealogies . We made a deliberate inbreeding V-V-V belt in great Spotnik's Quick Quackery, who is the father of two-time World Champion , European Champion , Winner ofCrufts ( the most prestigious event Kennel worldwide ) Spotnik Special Selection ( Norway). He in turn was the father of INT. CH. Bad Mad Serbian Sensation In Raul ( Sweden - Norway) - inbreeding in III-III zone . All three grandparents are very harmonious and make a strong impression with its beauty . In III- III made inbreeding and INT.CH. Sweet Emotion Panthera Unica ( Sweden , Slovenia) , the mother of world champion from 2013 Divalinor Count of Gold - father of Brandy . It is the ancestor of many breed champions in Bulgaria .

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