Куче на годината 2013

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Welcome to Divalinor Count of Gold!

We made this site to present our home parish Divalinor count of Gold in the best possible way. In briefly we call him Goldy and in Bulgarian - Gogo. Also we wanted to share our successes and failures in breeding a Dalmation in our flat.We had to refuse our children the opportunity to have a pet for a long time. They wanted a dog and it had to live in our apartment with us. As all of the parents after many denials, it came the moment when we inclined and started to think of dog for our children. Wandering between defferent breeds we decided this to be a pedigree club dog and we turned to different Dog companies. I can only say one thing - I did not believe that there are so commited to their profession and hobby people. Indeed everywhere I met sympathy and assistance. I did not expect that but they disclose both - good and bad sides (related to breeding a dog in an apartment) of the specific breed. It is really amazing that they spent hours explaining and giving tips, to an unknown person who find their phone, call and tell them " Hello, my name is... My children decided to get a dog... What to do?"  I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of those people. If we want to live in a better world, we really have to show more of this Cynology world and people who are devoted to it. It is very long to tell how many hours I have spent with my children in choseing a dog breed. Most surprising to me was that we finally decided to ger Gogo from Varna who was two and a half years old and his family was looking for new shelter for him. Thank to Mitko and Tanya who made me believe that he is our dog, and that Nelly chose our family to taka care for the pet. We really went to Varna with my children to see our dog, but with the proviso that he will like us, and his owners are sure that we are the those who will give everything to take care of Goldy. It happened. And then...then there were exhibitions. competitions, meeting new people and many blissfully moments with our new family member.