Двете прекрасни пораснали момичета

20 Май 2010

Двете прекрасни пораснали момичета Dalmagic Ace of Cake & DALMAGIC ABSOLUTE WINNER

Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner

 Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner  Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner  Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner
 Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner  Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner  Dalmagic Ace of Cake & Dalmagic Absolute Winner

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Younger Apple region in the strife went to Xunta, a compound of popular gay app Grindr and Chinese flirting help Momo – which has 16 Ipad instance million users and raised a late $40 million Series B round. Fashion visualization site Pudding rounded discernible the top three spots.

You can find more details of the contest all about at Tech In Asia.

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